GPS trackers for trucks & trailers - instant asset location

GPS trackers for trucks & trailers - instant asset location

With our GPS Tail Light Tracking subscription you can effortlessly track and monitor your trailer fleet.

By protecting your assets with a tracker that functions and looks like a regular tail light, you can reduce the chances that your trailer will be misplaced or stolen.

Tail Light Trackers features

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Real-time assets tracking

Effortlessly monitor your trailers precisely, accessing real-time positions at your fingertips.

Highly accurate position

Trust our trackers for pinpoint accuracy, providing you with the most reliable geographical data available.

Functional & discreet

Seamlessly integrated, our Tail Light Trackers blend in as regular LED tail lights while performing flawlessly.

Simple installation

Experience hassle-free setup with Tail Light Trackers—install with ease and start tracking in no time.

DOT approved

Our Tail Light Trackers boast DOT-approved colors, ensuring compliance with the Department of Transportation standards.

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  • Low power consumption
    Optimize longevity with minimal power usage, longer battery life for uninterrupted tracking.

  • Available in 2 appearances
    Choose the perfect fit—6 inches oval or 4 inches round models for a tailored tracking solution.

  • Made with high quality materials
    Crafted from high-impact, scratch-resistant acrylic, our GPS tracker ensures durability and longevity.

Track trailer locations effortlessly with GPS Tail Light Trackers subscription

Our subscription improves safety management in your app, unlocking various safety-related possibilities for streamlined operations.

Basic plan




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Basic plan

  • Track your assets in real-time

    Easily keep an eye on your trailers with precise real-time position access.

  • Accurate position data

    You can rely on our trackers to deliver the most dependable geographic data available.

  • Functional & discreet

    Our Tail Light Trackers are perfectly integrated and look like standard LED tail lights.

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*Compatible with IOSIX, IOSIX V5 and PT-30 devices