Our dash cams - Trusted guardians on board and on the road

Our dash cams - Trusted guardians on board and on the road

Experience the future of road safety with our advanced AI dash camera subscription.

Designed to take control of fleet safety, these cutting-edge devices prevent accidents and empower your travel by reviewing high-quality road footage.

The AI dash camera features intelligent technology that automatically plays audible in-cab alerts in real-time, ensuring drivers stay focused on the road

AI Dashcam features

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Road-facing and inside-the-cab cameras

Video records both road-facing and in-cabin footage to help provide a full image of the drive.

Proactive warning

When drivers engage in unsafe behaviors, they receive real-time visual and audible signals that allow them to self-correct before an accident happens.


The device uses sophisticated machine vision and artificial intelligence to identify distracted driving patterns and issue warnings to help correct risky behaviors.

Advanced sensors

The Surfsight dash cam can identify risky driving situations in real-time. IR LEDs facing the cabin provide an excellent nighttime view within the cabin.

Ongoing recording

The camera records continually while the vehicle is moving and recognizes movement. Video can be retrieved from the cloud for a maximum of thirty days.

Drive safely, capture clearly: choose our dash camera

  • Driver-facing camera
    (720P Full HD Video)

  • Road-facing camera
    (Up to 1080P Full HD Video)

Improve your safety operations with our Dash Cam subscription

Unlock advanced features through our app for real-time alerts, cloud storage, and personalized safety management. Drive confidently with us.

Basic plan




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Basic plan

  • Continuous recording

    While driving, the camera records and detects movement. Cloud video is retrievable for 30 days.

  • Innovative AI features

    Advanced artificial intelligence recognize distracted driving patterns and warn drivers to fix them.

  • Improved safety management

    Drivers receive real-time visual and audio alerts to self-correct dangerous behaviors before an accident.

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*Compatible with IOSIX, IOSIX V5 and PT-30 devices