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Your ELD company making trucking safer

Our technology isn't just a tool; it's a guardian on the road, ensuring that every journey is not only efficient but, more importantly, safe.

Increase the sustainability, safety, and effectiveness that drive the world economy.

There are millions of people working every day to ensure the smooth running of our communities. It is they who build our cities from the ground up. Each day, Route One ELD strives to make this vital work easier and safer for people managing complex physical operations and the organisations that support them.

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Choose our ELD solutions, crafted with extensive industry expertise. We are demonstrating proven reliability, regulatory compliance, and user-centric design.

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From Trucker to Truckers. Our core values


We prioritize road safety, which is non-negotiable. Real-time monitoring, compliance checks, and driver alerts ensure a secure journey for your fleet.


Improve operations with our ELD fleet management company. Route optimization, automatic reporting, and data-driven insights save time and resources.


Trust is our foundation. Our ELD company values transparent data handling, accurate reporting, and ethical practices for a reliable partnership.


Our vision is to help trucking carriers to have access to the most innovative ELD software.


Our mission is to provide to US truck drivers free ELD software that fulfills mandatory government requirements.